Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vancouver Health Show

The 22nd Annual Vancouver Health Show was in full swing today. The health show provides healthy living, healthy body and great family ideas. My first stop was booth #216 Carrotlines!  "Make Healthier Choices Faster" The First Canadian iPhone App to help shoppers make healthy choices. 

Do you detest shopping because it takes forever to read and interpret the nutritional content on the label? Would you like to cut your shopping time so you can accomplish more during the day? Carrotlines has put the JOY back into shopping with this amazing innovative app. It has an average of 10 ratings!  Scan and go with Carrotlines today!

A warm thank you to everyone at Carrotlines. I was honored to be your special guest. For More Information

Enter the Carrotlines Giveaway and win some prizes! Shop early for the holidays, pick-up a copy of Gloria Tsang's book tomorrow and give the gift of health this Christmas. Gloria is an accomplished nutrition expert, committed to helping people lead a healthier lifestyle. Don't leave without sampling my favorite Gluten-Free Gourmet Crisps by Martin's Marvelous. You'll be so glad you did.  

Gloria Tsang, RD

Some of today's presentations and keynote speakers included:

Inflammation Management: A Natural Food Based Approach

Presenter: Lisa Kilgour - Genuine Health
Lisa Kilgour, RHN voted BC's favourite Nutritionist specializes in digestion and inflammation. She is also on the Nutrition Team at InspireHealth, Canada's only government-funded integrative Cancer Care Centre. Her outspoken, sometimes controversial views has made her a prominent and authoritative speaker in Canada.

Gluten Intolerance? Now What?

Presenter: RoseMarie guides you on a path to optimal, gluten-free nutrition. She creates a "natural prescription" to support the digestive and nutritional needs of people with gluten intolerance. From digestive enzymes to protein smoothies. RoseMarie's gluten-free healthy living program gives you the nutritional tools you need to be and feel well every day. 

The Impressive line-up of Speakers for Sunday, November 11, 2012 include: Click Here Some of the topics: Making Sense Of Women's Health & Get Fit, Stay Fit: 4 Week To A New You! Get there early, you don't want to miss a thing.

Some Other Exhibitors Included:  The Exhibits highlight food preparation ideas, fitness, mind and body wellness, beauty products, lifestyle, supplements, alternative therapies and more. Enjoy free samples, testers and seminars featured throughout the day. 

So if you missed The Vancouver Health Show today, swing-on by tomorrow!  Call up some friends or take your loved one. More great pictures from today's HealthShow

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