Friday, May 21, 2010

Rheumatologist Arthur E. Brawer, MD

Conditions Responding to Colon Hydrotherapy Cited by Rheumatologist Arthur E. Brawer, MD

 “Colon hydrotherapy eliminates from the bowel the accumulated waste material which may get absorbed. If this absorption takes place, it overwhelms the other purification organs such as the liver, the kidneys, the skin, and the lungs. The toxin deposition which becomes lodged throughout the body’s tissues and cells becomes capable of triggering a variety of illnesses,” says rheumatologist Dr. Arthur E. Brawer. “There’s lots of them.” Some disease indications for colon hydrotherapy are:

Allergies Arthritis Asthma
Acne Attention Deficit Disorder
Memory Lapses Hypertension Body Odor 
Brittle Hair Brittle Nails Chronic Fatigue
Cold Hands & Feet Colitis Spastic Colon
Constipation Fibromyalgia Headaches
Irritable Bowel Mouth Sores Multiple Sclerosis
Nausea Peripheral Neuropathies Peptic Ulcer
Pot Belly Poor Posture Seizures
Muscle Pain Joint Aches Chest Pain
Skin Rashes Toxic Environmental Exposure
Pigmentation Toxic Occupational Exposure

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