Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Ready to sport a new attitude? Shift gears, change lanes and get on the passageway to optimum health! Don't allow the difficulties and failures from the past hinder your from accelerating and setting the pace for 2012!

"Sometimes we are like a Ferrari operating on only two cylinders with clogged filters, but managing to still be in the race. Our complex digestive and elimination systems are more important and should never be compromised."
- Dr. Leonard Smith is a prominent Board-Certified, general, gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon

"Would you ever drive a vehicle for a full year without changing the oil and oil filter? What if I told you that the odds are that this is exactly what you have been doing to your body! Would you be surprised? Have you ever thought about it?"

Same Principles Apply To The Human Body: The interior of our  body also needs assistance (or maintenance) in keeping clean.

The human body can only remove a certain amount of toxins on its own.  The Greek word toxikon, which literally translates into "poison"  is used to describe that which is foreign to the body. Our body naturally tries to eliminate these foreign substances but overexposure will slow down and damage our body's systems, including the capacity to detoxify on its own. When the human body becomes over-burdened it will give us warning signals in the form of symptoms. So, what signals has your body been sending you lately?

Feeling fatigued and lacking energy? These are the most common complaints I hear everyday. Many individuals are living with numerous symptoms but they simply  choose to ignore them or embrace them as part of the aging process. Toxicity is not the sole reason for all occurring symptoms but is often a major contributing factor.

The digestive tract is a major player in the body's detoxification process. It is where food is converted into energy and toxins are processed for elimination. When the colon is not functioning properly, toxic material may be absorbed into the bloodstream leading to an array of health problems and life-threatening conditions can develop. 

Why is Colon Hydrotherapy of benefit to our health?
    Some benefits include:
  • Balance micro-flora ecosystem
  • Cleanse, tone and exercise colon
  • Enhance healthy bowel function by establishing regular pain-free bowel movements (non-habit forming)
  • Increase your production of critical health-protecting vitamins, such as the B vitamins and vitamin K.
  • Increase energy, vitality, overall health & vitality
  • Improve muscle contraction and fecal transit time
  • Relieve embarrassing  & uncomfortable bloating and gas
  • Reduce your toxin burden and regain your energy and vitality
  • Revive and boost your metabolism - Fat-stored toxins are a factor in becoming overweight. Researchers have found that dieting without detoxing is one of the best ways to poison yourself.
Colon Hydrotherapy More Information

Are you ready to shift gears and get on the fast lane? Take ownership of your health! You have the power.

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